Find The Answers To The Most Common Customer Questions.

Q: How do I track my order?
A: Once our Fulfillment Center has packed and shipped your order, you will receive a shipping confirmation by e-mail with a generated tracking ID number. You can then visit our order tracking page using this link here, https://nolojewelry.com/pages/order-tracking or click any of our “Track Order”links once the tracking ID has been generated.

Q: How long will my item take to arrive?
A: Shipping time varies by region by region. We current ship to the U.S & Australia.  Average ship time within the U.S is 4-8 business days.

Q: What is ship time dependency?
A: Ship time dependency is based on a variation on ship times. Ship times vary depending on a number of factors factors such as shipping service/method used, product, product availability and demand, handling time, delays and customer location.

You can review the information below to have an idea of the shipping and handling time for your region.

For domestic orders (within the united states) Approximate shipping and handling times are as follows:

U.S: 4-8 business Days or 6-14 business days (variation based on ship time dependency)

For Australian orders (outside of the united states) Approximate ship times are as follow:

Australia: 7-15 or 13 - 20 business days (variation based on shipping method).
Q: What are your shipping options?
A: For U.S. Customers we only offer a standard FREE shipping option! The reason being is because we have selected the best and quickest shipping option with have available per item.

For international customers we offer a standard flat rate shipping option.

Q: Why are some items U.S. only?

A: As much as we would love to offer all of our products to both U.S. and international supporters, there are a few items that are shipped exclusively within the u.s.the truth is that international commerce is significantly more complex than a larger shipping fee. some of our partners have certain restriction on the U.S. Products which does not allow us to ship that specific product(s) internationally. With that said we do our best to provided our international wonder women with either the same or similar alternatives of items that are U.S. Only.